All Good Things...

...come to an end, including my humble postings on this blog!
Naturally all credit and gratitude should go first to each artist involved in the creation of such magnificent albums. Please remember this blog was always meant to spread the word about unduly forgotten LPs, not as a subsitute for the real records!
Many thanks also to all of you who left comments — you kept the community spirit of this blog alive. And last but not least, thanks to the mighty Oufar Khan who created this blog in the first place! I did nothing but keep the fire burning for some time.
I hope you have enjoyed the music we posted here, and that you will cherish some of the discoveries you might have made for a long time. Feel free to dig into the archives, and ask for re-ups if necessary...
Music is our precious sunshine and love, it is, as Albert Ayler had it, the 'healing force of the Universe'.